Accomplishing my Goal of Great Quality and Value

The feedback since the launch of MB Yoga has been outstanding! My goal in establishing MB Yoga was to provide great clothes, great styles, at a great value.  And based on the feedback thus far, we accomplishing the goal I established over one year ago.  Look for us at pop-up shops around Indianapolis.  When people get the chance to feel the fabric and then see the prices, it's amazing how positive they are responding.

To continue with our theme of great yoga merchandise, MB Yoga has expanded into yoga mats and accessories!  I am so excited by our new MB Yoga mat. We searched high and low for a yoga mat that would uphold our values of great quality and great value.  These new yoga mats definitely meet this criteria, as similar mats sell for $140.  These mats are designed for a sweaty and challenging yoga practice or whatever your style of yoga.  And the mats include a unique alignment system to assist in holding the correct pose during asana.  I am also excited about the intricate yogic designs and patterns of each mat.  Take your practice to the next level with a mat from MB Yoga!